All About CAMPING:

Camping refers to the activity of spending the vacations or a holiday living in a camp. The camp might be set up into a jungle or anywhere, which is dependent on the person opting for it. Camping can be done with family, friends or all by yourself as well.
Many schools around the world also take their students to trips called, ‘’camping trip’’ to different places in order to make them interact with environment and nature.

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The basic equipment you must take when going for hiking are,
your tent, which must be strong enough, a torch or light source, a sleeping bag, a strong back pack, water bottles, cutters, cooking utensils, something for defence,  binoculars, clothing, boxes to store food in and etc.
These are some essentials. However, depending upon where you have decided camping, you  must also pack things suitable to the environment. Jungle is a very dangerous place and so you must have something with you for your defence against the dangerous animals that might attack.


Also, take an elder with you if you are young and do not know much about how to camp. Camping in jungle might prove to be really dangerous and so better safe than sorry.


Camping holds great importance. You know how to survive through difficult situations for instance, staying in a jungle and searching for food etc. You experience new things and that can prove to be helpful for you in different situations. So, this is an important recreational activity.  Also, through camping you get a chance to interact with nature and get a chance to exit your comfort zone.