Keeping your body and mind in tune with nature

Keeping your body and mind in tune with nature is a task that everyone should undertake when trying to find a healthy balance with what we need and what we do for pleasure. Although we would like to spend money on things like Aeropostale sometimes we should think about the steps it took to put some of the items we see on store shelves. Making choices based on what our body needs versus the resources it took to produce is difficult but it is worth all the effort it takes. Here are some ideas when trying to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Think before you spend the money you spent your time earning on items to fill your life with. Find out if the food you wish to purchase was made in a factory that has a higher probability of greater costs of operation or if what you are finding is that it has traveled from a farm locally. Factories far away that produce food not only have high operational costs but the carbon footprint needed to send the items they make to stores across the globe requires distribution by use of either trucks, ships or aircraft before you even start your car to get to the store for something you make make at home in 15 minutes. Sourcing locally means that not only are you supporting a growing community nearby but you are spending the least amount of energy to do so.

Take the time to find the best way to travel locally without using any carbon emissions are at least the fewest possible. Although it may only be down the street and a car trip would use little gas it adds up over time and walking not only provides the best benefit at the least expense for your body. …

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