Changing Patterns Of Travel For Affluent Parents With Children

One of the increasing trends we are seeing in today’s travel scene is the changes in spending patterns in parents with young children. This article presents the case for increased catering for children in luxury resorts and five and six star accommodation.

With shifting patterns of wealth, demographics and social structure, we see a change in the holiday patterns of young hip parents with little kids. No longer content with the standard everyday budget motels and caravan parks their parents, the baby boomers, the not-so-young gen X urban elite are taking to the skies and the resorts in style, and bringing the kids!

Children are now the fashionable accessory for the new wealthy urban elite dominated by the internet media. As family size shrinks, divorce rates soar, and women have babies later, vacation time is a precious commodity. While maintaining an ongoing high profile career, the demands of time pressure mean that families have less time to holiday together, more cash, and subsequently demand better service, higher level of facilities and real quality in their travels.

This is a trend which Hoteliers, marketers, airlines would be very courageous to ignore. Mothers days lunches in leading luxury hotels in major cities such as the Four Seasons in Sydney are hosting a childcare package with DVDS, kids’ party food, biscuit decorating in a posh room adjacent to the main dining area where parents can happily quaff expensive French Champagne for hours and hours while the kids are entertained. Cost to implement- practically nothing. Price for the adults… anything you want to charge them, the more the better… and they will tell their friends. This is a point where price does not actually matter. How much would you pay for the privilege?

Time starved, exhausted, multitasking supermoms are not asking, but demanding a …

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A Scenic Mountain Journey to the Top of Arizona: The Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Flagstaff, AZ

With sweltering heat and high triple digit temperatures in Phoenix, it’s the perfect time to head to up north to get outdoors and experience Arizona’s beautiful and lush high mountain forests and wilderness areas. For a wonderful and scenic day trip and easy hike, take a journey to the top of Arizona by hiking the Kachina Trail, in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Flagstaff, Arizona.

A Scenic Mountain Journey to the Top of Arizona: The Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Flagstaff, AZ

Located high up in the San Francisco peaks, sits Arizona’s tallest peak, Mt. Humphreys which rises to an elevation of 12, 643 feet which you can climb to the top of on the Mt. Humphrey’s Trail, one of the most challenging hikes in all of Arizona. However, if you’re up for more of an easier day hike instead, then I highly recommend checking out the beautiful Kachina Trail, which is also located in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness and like the Mt. Humphrey’s Trail, is also located at Arizona’s Snow Bowl Ski Resort and if you’re up for the added adventure, you can take a very scenic sky ride right up to the top of Arizona at elevation, 11,500 feet, for a spectacular and amazing panoramic view of all the surrounding Flagstaff and Kachina Peaks Wilderness area, without having to climb it yourself too!

To get to the Kachina Trail from Phoenix you’ll want to head out of town on I-17 north to Flagstaff. We left Phoenix at 9am on a Saturday morning and arrived in Flagstaff at around 11:30am. The drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff is roughly about 2.5 hours and 148 miles. Once you arrive in Flagstaff, the freeway ends and you will exit onto 89A north. Follow 89A through town till you come to route 180 north Snow Bowl Ski Resort, then make a left. You’ll take route 180 for about another 30 minutes …

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Visit Los Cabos On Your Next Vacation

I can’t wait for my yearly vacation, I look forward to it all year long. Vacations have changed a little over the years since I started my family, but one thing never changes; I always go somewhere, even if the locations aren’t quite as exotic anymore.

When you choose a vacation destination, you have several general choices. Do you go on a beach type vacation? How about a National Park type vacation? There’s always the theme park type vacation! And don’t forget the European vacation. Did I leave any out?

Today I want to talk about a beach type vacation, but it isn’t the same boring vacation you’ve probably gone on a million times before.

When choosing a beach vacation, most people stick to a few tried and true spots such as Florida, the Bahamas, Hawaii, or Cancun; but if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, something that none of your friends have probably ever heard of (let alone gone to) then Los Cabos may be exactly what you’re looking for.

First off, where exactly is it? Los Cabos is in Mexico on the tip of the Baha Peninsula. It’s a little bit South of Lapaz and sort of South-West of Tijuana.

I’m not sure there’s a really “bad” time to go there, but the “best” times to go are around January and February because you can often see gray whales near the shore. Remember when I said it was a little less ordinary? You can’t beat whale watching!

This is not just a land of beautiful beaches (though there are amazing beaches!), there’s lots of other fun things to do as well. There’s something for just about everyone, from sport fishing and golf, to kayaking and diving. And don’t forget the whales!

Los …

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Tips on Timing For the Perfect Trip Or Vacation

Everyone can use a vacation to relax, unwind, and have some fun. The problem with taking a vacation is that many people have a difficult time coming up with the cash to pay for the trip. Fortunately, there are ways to have an affordable vacation and not go broke. One important way of getting a cheap vacation is picking the best time to take the vacation. Below are a number of tips on picking the best time for the perfect trip or vacation:

1. If you want to save money on your flight ticket, it is important to consider the time when you want to fly. The key is to be flexible when considering the time to fly, For instance, do you want to fly during the peak season, off season, or weekend or midweek? Prices will vary according to the time you pick to fly.

2. Peak season is the most expensive time to fly so if you want to save money, book as early as possible. Holidays are a very expensive time to book because there are few discounts, promotions and deals. Plan well in advance to ensure you get a good deal and a good seat.

3. Consider when and where you want to travel. If you are willing to modify travel dates and consider a travel destination that is much less expensive to visit, you will save a lot of money. If you are planning a family reunion, consider planning the event during shoulder season or the off season. As well, the summer and fall are good times of the year to get a cheap international flight. Reconsidering when and where you want to travel will amount to substantial savings.

4. If warm tropical destinations are your favorite places to travel, consider traveling during …

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Know About Package Holiday

Know About Package Holiday

Planning a holiday is quite easy but how to implement it is a tough task. If the trip is planned according to our mind and plan, then it becomes successful, but improper planning leads to so many problems. And the best solution for resolving such type of the problem is to take advantage of tour or package holidays. With the growing demands of the tour to different destination places, the rapid increase in the tour packages has made the life easier and simpler. Instead of all sorts of the rush now more and more tour lovers are opting packages for the vacation.

 A complete tour package helps the tourist to plan the holiday in proper and good way. Preferring such type of packages completes the vacation in successful and memorable trip. As the tour packages consist of full facilities for the tourist, they don’t have to worry about anything.

Packages are great solution

These types of packages consist of full holiday accommodation facility from flights to hotel and fortnight staying and many more. For tourist that wants to visit the best beaches in mexico, it is the plus point to take such sort of packages so that one can enjoy the holiday in the good way.  The services provided in packages are very effective one which adds so many benefits to the tourist. From the luxury hotels to top resorts, proper facility of the vehicle, different famous destination places and many more.

Benefits of packages

Opting a complete package helps in many ways. It reduces the headache of accommodation, and there are many tour owners and operators who make the trip easier for the tourist. The places which are not seen by the tourist, the tour operators make it easier to provide information of those places. You can also …

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How To Choose The Travel Destination Of Your Dreams

How To Choose The Travel Destination Of Your DreamsThere’s No Place in the World Like New York

Cebu is among the popular travel destination in the Philippines. This beautiful exotic place is known as Philippines’ “Queen City in the South”. As one with the most develop province of the Philippines, Cebu becomes center of trade, commerce, industry and education in the Visayas. Cebu can also be the Convention Center in the Philippines where the ASEAN event once was held inside the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). Cebu even offers become as the tourism hub of Central Philippines because came from here, you will get a fairly easy entry to the various beautiful travel destinations and destinations inside the Visayas and Mindanao.

– Not long ago, some place ten years back, people accustomed to travel only with the suggestions given by others but today people are exploring new using the most effective travel destination guide online supplying you with up-to-date information the places you’ll want to visit, they have details on the best travel destinations to the place you are intending to visit

– There are a a lot of vacation guide available on the internet but we occassionally encounter misleading information knowning that creates much furor whenever you believe that you’re cheated, you can be confident the best vacation guide online on the very best travel destination guide

– The Internet has bought the globe closer, by sitting in your house you can check out everything what is happening conversely of the entire world

– for selecting the most effective places to go to make sure that you first check up on the vacation guide that guides you in depth information on the places you are planning to see

All About China Tours and Travel

Having started your enchanting walk through these websites, most tourists head down inside …

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Preparing For the Holidays – Family Travel Tips

Preparing For the Holidays - Family Travel TipsSimple Travel Packing Tips

Tucked away, almost deleted, during my spam box this morning, would have been a very welcome virtual “Treasure of France.” An email coming from a family I spent an evening with more than recently. It was, like several of my “one nighter” filming encounters, 24 plus hours of genuine hospitality and friendship. A (to me, continuing) demonstration that “people can be kind.” And a realization by all, until this unexpected evening would, almost certainly, be described as a on one occasion event. Their mail ended with: “We wait to listen to more news of one’s (my italics)exciting life.”

– When on a journey, it’s most helpful if you have ready home-made snacks, packs of juice, bottled water and several sweets

– Not only will you save with provisions brought from your own home, however you also keep some time and budget in order by avoiding constant stop-over’s in restaurants and diners

– There’s also an off chance that this prices of the items at another area is pricier pc normally is

– Sometimes I find that diners sprouting in almost deserted areas charge more simply because they lack competition and there’s not one other area for travelers to go

Sydney’s Best Laneway Bar – Grasshopper – Review

A travel tips blog will detail the guidelines, regulations, requirements, and laws governing go to any destination on earth. Learn whether you will need special documents or identification; when you carry your passport and birth certificate wherever you go? Learn whether you’ll need evidence of vaccination to penetrate the nation; in the event you protect yourself against malaria, smallpox, along with other contagious diseases relatively uncommon in Europe and North America? What will you are doing if you’re injured within your travels abroad; will your insurance protect you, or …

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