Experience Royalty while traveling in Palace on Wheels

Have you always dreamt to travel the world? Has the fairytale stories of Indian kings and queens always fascinated you? Then it is time for you to life a life of a monarch this vacation. Palace on Wheels is a royal train which greets and treats you just like a Rajput Maharaja or Maharani.

Let us enjoy a virtual tour of Palace on Wheels to get a vibe of the opulence awaiting your presence.

Regal Suites

Have you ever seen miniature or Dhola Maru paintings? You need not visit museums to see these; every coach of Palace on Wheels is adorned with this kind of rich paintings and other wall decor.

The rooms are spacious and are equipped with antic furniture, like large beds, tables and writing desks. There is even a window present in every room through which guests can get a vivid view of the golden sands of Thar, ruins of palaces and castles, women traveling with several pots over head and men riding camels.

The rooms also have an attached bath where guests can get expensive toiletries, running hot and cold water and all basic amenities to which they are habituated.

There is a round the clock attendant present for every to fulfil the needs of the boarders at any hour of the day or night.

Exquisite amenities

This is another reason why you should travel on Palace on Wheels. While the carpeted passages, staff cladded like royal attendants take you back in the golden age of Rajput rule, the air conditioned coaches, streaming music channels, LCD television sets, regular availability of newspapers and magazinesensures that you are in regular touch with modern life.

Sumptuous Dining Experience

This is another aspect of traveling like a royal on Palace on Wheels. Enjoy lip smacking Rajasthani and global cuisines on-board, at well deco red dining cars, named as The Maharaja and The Maharani.

The seating arrangement of the restaurant is such that every guest gets a panoramic view of the changing landscape while relishing their platter.

Refreshing drinks

A trip on Palace on Wheels fulfils all your desires, be it spending some time in solace or sipping some high end drinks with friends. The bar of this luxury train India offers both well known Indian and international labels.

A non-drinker? The chefs can provide you with some tasty mock tails.

Library and board room

Interested to know about Rajasthan? The library of Palace on Wheels has some rare and unique books which inform you about the golden era of the state. There are comfortable leather seats at the library where you can spend some time just by yourself.

Play board games like billiards or chess at the game room of the train. Keep kids engaged with the wide range of games available here.

An Exclusive Tour Package

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