Holiday & Travel Guide For Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Holiday & Travel Guide For Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh is at the northernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Surrounded on both sides by the Red Sea, and literally just below the equator keeps the waters around Sharm el Sheikh constantly warm, this also has a great effect on the weather which makes the climate in Sharm el Sheikh dry and sunny all year round. This is perfect for sunny holidays from gloomy rain and poor British weather conditions.

Sharm el Sheikh is a well known diving hot spot

having the perfect conditions for some of the best diving in the world. Boasting over two hundred and fifty different types of coral reefs and over one thousand different species of fish, each scuba experience in this region will be different from the time before. This gives a unique experience and chance to see something totally new in comparison to some of the more predictable and more well known scuba locations, such as the great barrier reef in Australia and some of the other more famous locations to scuba dive in America.

This may not be an area specific for clubbing

but it offers good nightlife as well as daytime activities: Sharm el Sheikh has a reputation as one of the most happening places to be in Egypt, with big name clubs such as Pacha having residence there. This means that after a day of diving you can unwind and continue to move yourself to the sound of music all night long.

As well as the eighteen to thirty year old market Sharm el Sheikh also caters for family holiday makers, having bundles of things to keep not only children, but also adults entertained from sun rise to sun set. Desert camel tours are on the agenda here, so you can explore some of the inland sand dunes that Egypt is famous for. If you really want to see the famous Egyptian deserts, then you can also take a trip to the pyramids from Sharm el Sheikh, showing just how accessible the rest of Egypt is from the resort. This is incredibly empowering to the holiday maker, giving them the feeling of freedom as they are not expected to stay within the resort itself and the country is really made wide open for you to see.

Another massively popular attraction in Sharm el Sheikh

orientates around the desert and is specifically for the adrenalin junkie. This is going out in a four by four, roaming free amongst the massive deserts and huge amounts of sand dunes, which all surround the resort itself. You can get maximum speeds over the flat sands and enjoy big air jumps over the sand dunes, making the four by four tours hugely enjoyable. Sharm el Sheikh is an ideal sea and sand holiday, as it literally offers an abundance of both and will leave you going home feeling refreshed, just remember to drive more carefully back at home!

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