How to Save Money When Travelling

Below are nine money saving tips you can apply at your destination next time you travel. Whether you are away for business or pleasure these tips will help you save while still enjoying all that the destination has to offer.

Tip 1: Eat breakfast at the hotel: If you get breakfast included in the price of your hotel, then take advantage of this. Eat a large breakfast and you will save money on snacks throughout the day. Take some of the breakfast away with you for eating later.

Tip 2: Buy snacks at a local grocery store: Buy fruits, chips and bars etc from a local grocery store and carry them with you during the day. This way you won’t be paying inflated prices at tourist attractions.

Tip 3: Eat at Street Vendors: Street vendors offer good quality local food, at reasonable prices. As a word of warning, we should say that most offer “good quality” food. Use your  you think that you may get sick don’t eat there. One of the best ways to judge is if you see locals eating there. If they aren’t and the sound of tourists wrenching isn’t far off, best to move along.

Tip 4: Eat where the locals eat: See how the locals live, and eat at local restaurants rather than at the hotel. You will get to experience the local culture and cuisine, and save money because you are not paying inflated hotel prices.

Tip 5: Eat lunch in your hotel room: We are not talking about using room service! We are talking about bring back food from a supermarket and eating it in a room. The break from the heat and the crowds of tourists may do you good as well!

Tip 6: Go for fast food rather than expensive restaurants: While it may not be that good for you, it still tastes good and you are unlikely get sick. So consider fast food as an alternative to restaurants. If you are staying for more than a few days it may not be feasible. Probably best in those locations where the local food is likely to cause some ‘Delhi belly’.

Tip 7: Only visit restaurants once a day: Save yourself some money and patronise restaurants once a day instead of for every meal.

Tip 8: Bottled water: Buy bottled water from the local grocery stores. If the water is safe to drink then consider tap water. Again, you are not paying inflated tourist prices if you do this.

Tip 9: Choose modest accommodation: You don’t need four or five star accommodation. Two or three stars are fine. Just make sure that the accommodation is safe and clean.