I Caught Some Huge Fish Today

The great thing is that I am not paying one cent for this trip, aside from my personal expense such as when Jill and I went shopping the other morning. She bought me this enormous sombrero, I suppose the sort that you would hang on the wall. I definitely would never wear it unless it was a Cinco De Mayo party. At any rate the boss got one of these huge and really nice Cabo luxury villa rentals and he is going to write that off. We have a bunch of really important clients down here with their wives and girlfriends, so he is going to need some more places. At any rate it is a big thing for him and he has a big pitch for them all. The idea is pretty simple, you show them a great time and you leave them alone as much as possible. Then you sell them on a big contract. The reason I am here is that I am good at the nuts and bolts of complicated deals since I have been doing them for so long. The boss is great at the big picture sort of thing, but terrible at the details.

At any rate we went out on a charter boat and the captain must have been really good at his job. He got us into all sorts of big fish. The first one I caught was a striped bass or a striper. It took me about half an hour to get him close enough to gaff hook him. By that time I was really worn slap out. I thought that I had caught some sort of world record, but apparently these fish get a lot larger. They said that mine was a male and the biggest ones were females laden with lots of eggs in their bellies.