Our Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs Right for You?

Our Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs Right for You?

The best benefit of taking on travel OT assignments travel! You’ll have the opportunity to reside in different towns and regions and experience different rehabilitation therapy settings — rehab centers, hospitals, out-patient clinics, etc.

However, in case you have considerable family obligations, or if you don’t feel at ease leaving all your family members for an extended amount of time (most OT travel positions last about 13 weeks, some longer, some shorter), occupational therapy travel jobs will not be in your case. (That said, you’ll be able to bring your family along with you; many OT travel services will help finances for it for your loved ones to come along on your adventure.)

You also need to be comfortable with work that will or may not be “steady.” You could see a day or two or weeks between assignments, so if you absolutely, positively should have a weekly paycheck, you might want to consider staying put having a staff position.

However, which a biggie, you’ll undoubtedly earn more each hour like a traveling OT than you’d being a regular staffer. In addition to this higher hourly pay, your travel staffing firm more than likely will pay which you daily stipend for meals and incidentals. What’s more, included in the package receive free housing.

Plus – oh, yes, there’s more! – also, you can receive signing bonuses, referral bonuses, and assignment completion bonuses. There is a great deal to love about occupational therapist travel jobs.

As for other benefits, many OT travel services offer their employees a comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, life, and vision insurance. Many services provide 401(k) retirement plans for occupational therapist employees.

Most travel therapist services want OTs having a minimum of your year of professional experience, if you’ve just adopted your license, you might have to wait to get a month or two’ experience helping patients before an OT travel firm will consider you seriously.

But the wait may be worth the cost! If you have a true hankering for travel, if the thought of utilizing new patients and new colleagues every several months is popular with you, sign up with some occupational therapy travel job providers. It could be the most effective decision of your life.