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Travel & LeisureBack around to curbside. The louvered windows all operate, and the storage cabinet holds the vintage leveling jacks that came with her.

Hi Levertis, welcome and thank you so much for going to my hub and for your optimistic votes! Really, National Geographic is a quite good notion for some places we will never see. Also, you make an interesting point about trips right after disappointments. My 30-day RV dream trip really came about a couple of months following I lost my job! I would in no way have been capable to take 30 days off otherwise. And now I am happily retired and we just returned from an 11-day trip to China.

And off we went! We enjoyed great service on a five hour flight with Air Seychelles. Going via customs at Seychelles International Airport was rapid and efficient. We had been guided to our bus that transferred us inside 15 minutes to Roche Caiman quay, Sainte Anne’s private jetty. We had been about 10 men and women on a bus meant for 8 with baggage for 20 people. What entertaining that was!

It is okay to change your seat as soon as boarding is completed. All unoccupied seats in the very same class can be freely taken. Look out for 3 empty seats together if you spot them, claim them swiftly so that you can stretch your legs and sleep comfortably. In a relatively empty flight, I ask the flight attendant to assist me determine such seats, which they can rapidly do by seeking at the passenger manifest. If you have pre-ordered a specific meal and alter seats, do inform in-flight private so that they can serve your specific meal at the new seating place.

hairyleggedjebjeb: Come back and talk to me about it when you’ve been doing it for far more than 50 years (as I have). RVing can be a terrific way of life, but to consider that it does not involve sacrifice is dreaming. There’s a lot of that, and the longer you reside this life, the a lot more you will see that this is accurate. Far also many people jump into it considering it will be all fun and freedom only to discover that, just like anything else, it has its difficulties. The disappointment this brings usually causes people to give it up, so to shield them a bit, I wanted them to see the realities.