We Found That Busses Work Best for Us

The people at Diamond Toronto Party Bus came up with such a great idea for those of us who like things to be unique and different. I had been going to a variety of parties for as long as I can remember and they were all the same. Everyone would crowd into someone’s home or their backyard and huddle around a keg. The music would not sound that great, and people would just stand up and mill around in a bored fashion. But now, my friends and I get on a bus and have a blast. It really is a lot more fun.

We live in a place that is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. This leaves only autum and spring to be outside without any major discomfort for everyone. No one wants to sweat to death at night when they are partying. The temperature can easily reach 100 degrees at 9pm at night during our severe summer weather. During the winter, it can easily drop as low as 20 degrees, while snow drops all around us. Both of these are a buzzkill. Getting a bus means that we can stay cool or warm, no matter what season it is outside.

Keg parties seem so out of style now. It is really nice to do a bus party and everyone is able to reach into a fridge and get really nice, ice cold beers out. I have even had some parties where I served whine or champagne. The ladies in our group really love the champagne parties. I also noticed that people like to show up to the bus dressed in their bet evening clothes, too. They are really nice inside. Nice enough that they look like mini dance clubs, so everyone thinks they should dress up for the evening.